Searching for REFOREMO Titles?

Unfortunately, my neighborhood library doesn’t have all the books suggested during REFOREMO.  I can request books from other libraries in town, and they’ll transport them to my neighborhood branch for pick-up.  I’ve also suggested titles that have been purchased and now reside on the shelves for kiddos to read. But budgets exist, and I realize I can’t get all the books I’d like to learn from.  If you’re unable to find a title you’re particularly interested in, check YouTube.   Of course it isn’t quite the same experience, but it’s a great resource during REFOREMO.  And when you find some titles you feel your library MUST have, suggest them!


What’s Your PB’s Gimmick?

We often think of the word ‘gimmick’ as having a negative connotation. But check out this definition I found on today:

Gimmick – an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal.

The picture book gimmick is the twist, the mash-up, and the familiar story told in a new, unique way. Not all picture books have a gimmick, but when they do, I’m often impressed with the clever spin the author put on the story. I also find picture books with a gimmick get a lot of attention.

Yesterday I brought home the book, The Dinosaurs’ Night Before Christmas, written by Anne Muecke and illustrated by Nathan Hale. You don’t need anything more than the title to know this picture book’s gimmick. The author strategically chose to take a familiar, holiday picture book story and replace the usual cast of characters with dinosaurs. A clever gimmick that gained the attention of an editor. Now dino-loving kids on Christmas Eve have a new story to love.

Have some fun discovering the gimmicks in your favorite picture books, and try writing a positively gimmicky manuscript of your own.