How Pinterest Can Help You Submit your Manuscript

If you’re a picture book writer, you probably like pictures. And if you’re like me, you probably like pictures a whole lot more than you like spreadsheets. Pinterest is all about pictures. Pictures that link to your favorite web pages. But Pinterest can be more than just a fun place to collect pictures of funky manicures, Kidlit tattoos, or cheesy lasagna recipes. Pinterest can help you with your manuscript submissions.

What Is Pinterest?

Most literary agents, and some publishers (the ones that accept unsolicited manuscripts), have a web page listing their submission guidelines. Pinterest allows you to create an organized board to ‘pin’ links to these guidelines. For a few months now, I’ve been collecting pins of literary agents that represent picture book writers. Now I have a board full of links to agents’ submission guidelines, or interviews I found interesting. When I have a manuscript I feel is ready to submit, I can go to my pin board and quickly review the agents I’m interested in. You can set your board as a public, one other pinners can view, or you can set it to private.

I’ve found Pinterest a helpful way to keep track of agents that are actively looking for clients, and I hope you find it helpful too. I’ll be sharing more ways I use Pinterest in the future, feel free to follow if you’re interested in how Pinterest might inspire you as a writer.

A Great Picture Book is Like a Jelly Doughnut, or a Burrito, or a Chicken Pot Pie

It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

jelly doughnut

A doughnut without jelly is just doughnut.  Sure, a it’s sweet, but you pretty much know what you’re getting at first glance.  Like the jelly filled doughnut, a great picture book is full of surprises!  It serves up suspense at the turn of a page. It presents quirky characters in unique settings, and ends it all in an unexpected way.  The best picture books keep the reader guessing.burrito

And what’s a burrito without meat, beans, salsa and cheese?  Well, it’s a tortilla, and a tortilla is pretty flat.  A great picture book has layers.  It’s more than a character getting what he or she (or it) wants.  It’s about the journey, the emotional highs and lows, the lessons learned, the concepts made clearer.

chicken pot pieAnd nobody wants a chicken pot pie without chicken and veggies.  That’s just an empty crust. Readers and listeners alike need something to stick their fork into, something to chew on.  A great picture book gets us thinking about more than ourselves in our immediate surroundings.  It opens a window to a bigger picture.  It allows the youngest of readers to try on someone else’s shoes, to see things from an unfamiliar perspective, and to gain a greeter understanding of the world and themselves.

Fill yourself with some great reads today!