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Children on the American Frontier: Illustrates the experience of children who lived on the American frontier. Captivating text, informative infographics, and historical photos make this title a compelling and thought-provoking read for young history lovers. (Available August 2018)








TelevisionsTelevisions: Introduces readers to the science that makes televisions possible. Accessible text, helpful diagrams, and a How Does It Work? feature make this book an exciting introduction to understanding technology. August 1, 2017


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Teachers and librarians, click here for resources from my publisher. It includes a lesson plan, curriculum standards, and kid-friendly TV technology websites.






How to Read Graphs: Introduces readers to the basic features of a graph, such as legends, labels, and scales. Readers will learn how to use these features to read bar graphs, line graphs, and more. January 2018


The Child’s World