About Me

Flakey and I practicing our circus routine.
Flakey and I practicing our circus routine.

I began a love of writing when my 5th grade teacher let me write about any kooky thing that popped into my head, including a cheese wedge with super powers. Back then, I dreamed of being a circus performer, marine biologist, AVON lady or galactic princess. (I still think I’d be pretty good at that last one.)

After college and a few years in the travel industry, I found I still loved writing stories about the kooky things that popped into my head. That’s when I decided to become a children’s writer. I live in Spokane, Washington with my husband, and 2 dogs.


Inland NW SCBWI Assistant Regional Advisor

SCBWI Member 2007-Present

A Cowgirl Breakfast, Spider Magazine, March 2016

Incredible Inchworm, Highlights Magazine–Coming Soon