A Picture Book Month

Yesterday was the final day of Storystorm! I’ve participated for a few years. It’s always a fun month, full of inspiration. I have my 30 + 1 ideas to ponder over. I’ve even started working on one idea.

This month has brought more picture book fun and excitement with the Snappsy the Alligator book team. Our SCBWI region (Inland Northwest) is putting on a webinar series for picture book writers and illustrators. This year we’re giving our attendees the big picture on picture books. Our first event featured the Snappsy illustrator, Tim Miller.

Tim was very generous with his time and information. He shared his personal experience  illustrating his first picture book. There were ups and downs, moments of self doubt and boosts of self confidence. It was inspiring to hear how his journey began at the NY SCBWI portfolio display.

The following week we hosted Denise Cronin, Executive Art Director and VP at Viking Children’s Books. She shared her perspective on the design and artwork for Snappsy. She gave our illustrators tips and advice on how to get noticed in a competitive arena.

This Saturday I’ll be introducing the Editor, Joanna Cardenas followed by Author, Julie Falatko on February 10th. It’s been such a great experience seeing how these 4 creative individuals worked together to create 2 fun picture books.


  1. Congratulations on another Storystorm completion! I did it one year and really enjoyed it, even though I don’t usually think in PB terms. The process was good for greasing my creative wheels.

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