Little Miss Candy Corn

A little Halloween fun for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie Contest. 

Little Miss Candy Corn

by Rachel Hamby


Little Miss Candy Corn practiced her wave from her perch atop the Trick-or-Treat float.

Cecelia was the Queen of Halloween, and soon, everyone would know it.

As the float chugged toward Main Street, Cecilia picked one candy corn from her tiara and savored the moment.

But a dark shadow was moving up the street.

A raindrop hit Cecilia’s cheek. She looked up. A monster-sized cloud covered the sun. In a flash, rain splashed down in buckets.

The Trick-or-Treat float chugged through the storm. Cecilia waved from her perch. Waving goodbye to the fleeing parade goers, as candy corn colors streaked down her cheeks.



  1. Poor Little Miss Candy Corn! Doomed by a monster cloud. But she kept waving bravely through the stripes. Nice story! Good luck in the contest!

    Oh, and I’m not sure it’s just me or a WordPress problem, but I had to come here independently after the link on Susanna’s page sent me to log in to my own WordPress site. Very strange.

  2. Poor Little Miss Candy Corn having her parade rained on! But good for her remaining on her float to wave to the fleeing parade-goers! Thanks for an original, fun entry, Rachel, and for joining in on Halloweensie!

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