Riding the Wave to PiBoIdMo

surfer child-897329_1280PiBoIdMo is just around the corner, so wax up your boogie board! Published and aspiring Picture Book writers and illustrators from around the globe are diving in.

Picture Book Idea Month was created by picture book author, Tara Lazar. Through the month of November, Tara challenges us to brainstorm at least 30 picture book ideas.  Every day the blog puts out a new wave of inspiration that anyone can ride.

surf dog-708376_1920Sometimes, the epic PB idea can seem as elusive as the perfect wave. Did you see this tweet from Author and Educator, Deb Lund? “The biggest issue I see in picture book manuscripts is the initial idea. The biggest solution I see is #PiBoIdMo!”

Picture Books start with great ideas!  Unique, stand-out, marketable ideas that interest and entertain the youngest readers.  But hang loose!  PiBoIdMo is all about letting your creativity flow.  Not every idea has to be gnarly, but dedicating some time and focus to your Picture Book idea list will surely give you a few excellent leads.

PiBoIdMo15Mark your calendars, registration opens on October 25th!  And if you like prizes, PiBoIdMo has those too!



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