The Polar Bear Vortex

Below is my (hopefully somewhat amusing) entry into The 4th Annual Holiday Contest.

hoilday contest 4Santa watched the sun settle behind two icy glaciers in the distance. The reindeer were hitched, as the last Christmas present was pitched in the sleigh.
But as Santa grabbed for his hat, the weather elf rushed in.
“Bad news, sir!”
“What is it this year?” Santa asked. “Flurries in Frankfurt? High winds in Wichita?”
“A Polar Bear Vortex,” the weather elf cried. “And it’s heading our way!”

Santa couldn’t risk a Polar Bear Vortex, not with a sleigh full of toys.
“This storm must be stopped!” Santa announced. “Keep the reindeer warm, I’ll be back.”
Santa jumped on his snowmobile and headed straight toward the storm, vroom!

Soon he spotted the bears.
Twenty-five polar bears, swirling and twirling, bumbling and tumbling, were caught on an arctic winds merry-go-round, spinning out of control.
“Help!” groaned a bear.
“Save my cub!” yelped another.

Santa pulled up to the vortex, vroom! He saw the small cub spin by. He reached out a mitten,
“Grab on!”
The little cub stretched and held on tight. Santa turned away from the storm. POP! The little cub was free.
Santa asked her to steer then he grabbed his lasso.
Again, they pulled up to the vortex, vroom! Santa tossed his rope, catching a bear’s left paw.
He tugged but the bear was too big. The rope slipped Santa’s grip.

The bears whirled closer to Santa’s workshop. He must stop this storm!
Santa pointed to a snowy hill and the cub turned the snowmobile, vroom!
At the top, Santa made a snowball bowling ball and handed it to the cub. She rolled it down the hill.
As the snowball rolled it gathered snow. It rolled and rolled getting bigger and bigger, faster and faster, until . . .
The snowball bowling ball struck the Polar Bear Vortex. Bears flew through the air then landed, poof, poof, OOF, into the sparkling snow.
The little cub hugged her mama while the swirling winds faded away.

“Yay!” cheered the polar bears.
“Hooray!” cheered the elves.
“Merry Christmas!” said Santa, flying off in his sleigh filled with toys.


  1. The title alone made me read this as on elf my top 10. You really let your imagination go! BRAVO. I agree that an illustrator would have great fun w/this story. Good luck!

  2. Love the idea of a polar bear vortex, Rachel! Very clever! And wow – that Santa is like a superhero! 🙂 Loved the “swirling and whirling, bumbling and tumbling” and the “arctic winds merry-go-round”! Great job amping up the obstacles, too! Thanks so much for joining in the holiday fun! 🙂

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