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Social Media Sea Legs

This weekend, our local SCBWI region organized a Social Media Day. We talked about websites, personal branding, and different marketing strategies. My presentation covered social media, and how to connect with the #kidlit community on different platforms. Whether you’re published or pre-published, having a social media presence can connect you to a larger community. It … Continue reading

Magazine Writing & Work-for-Hire

For our upcoming SCBWI conference in Spokane, I’m leading a small group session about Magazine Writing & Work-fir-Hire.  Here are a few great resources I found during my research. The ‘bug‘ magazine submission guidelines & wish lists. This interview with Patricia Stockland on Harold Underdown’s site. This article by Christine M. Hepperman on The Horn … Continue reading

7 Questions for a Picture Book Idea

The who, what, where, when, why, and how of a picture book idea. 7 questions to figure it out. 1. Who is your main character? 2. What does your main character want? 3.  Why does your main character want this?  << This one’s important so go deep. The answer will likely be the theme of … Continue reading

Picture Book Structure

Writers interested in picture book publication sometimes hear this disheartening comment during a critique:  This story doesn’t read like a picture book story. Why not? This comment can be confusing. It could be the subject matter, the age of the main character, or the structure of the story. A picture book story most often fits … Continue reading

What’s Your PB’s Gimmick?

We often think of the word ‘gimmick’ as having a negative connotation. But good gimmicks are found in a lot of picture books! Gimmick – an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal. The picture book gimmick is the twist, the mash-up, and the familiar story … Continue reading